MARCH 31, 2023.

We are no longer taking any new patients.

“We Chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul.
We release the prisioned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind and flows over the nerves to the cell and stirs them into life.”
-B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C.

Following the philosophy of chiropractic founders D.D. and B.J. Palmer, Dr. T.E. Morgan (Dr. TEM) and Dr. D.T. Morgan (Dr. Bud) have been serving the Myrtle Beach area for over 50 years. Chiropractic emphasizes holistic healing–treating the cause of “dis-ease” as Dr. Palmer termed it, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Sufferers of headaches (including the dreaded migraines), backaches and hip pain–among other aches and pains–can find relief in chiropractic. Chiropractic can even aid victims of whiplash from automobile accidents. How is this possible? Chiropractic works to realign the vertebrae in the spine and other bones and joints, lessening pressure on muscles and nerves and, thus, relieving the pain.

Chiropractic is not a cure-all, nor will it prescribe dozens of synthetic chemicals to temporarily dull pain. But it will offer relief. It may not take just one time, but you’ll feel better after the first visit!

If you are a current patient, welcome! To access videos and step-by-step instructions for exercises, stretches, etc. suggested to you by Dr. TEM and Dr. Bud, please visit the Current Patients page.

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